Rent a television studio for your programme 

Are you interested in recording  your own talkshow, presentation or online training?

Do you want to broadcast a professional interactive webinar?

Studio Westhaven is a premium turn-key television studio.

Available for tv productions, corporate webinars and talkshows, greenscreen recordings, etc.

No-stress broadcasting

Our high-end technical facilities, the luxury atmosphere and the beautiful  sets offer everything that you need.

Our experienced directors, camera operators and technician are keen to work with you, your creatives and your communication specialists.

Dynamic internet television

Studio Westhaven is an independent studio. We can produce and broadcast content to any satellite or streaming platform, including Youtube, Facebook, On24, Wowza, etc.

What makes us different from other webcast studios? We take webcasting seriously. With the same attention to directing, light, set design and sound that a television quiz would get. With experienced and committed crews who work daily in live television production.  

And with cutting edge technical facilities, no compromise to quality and reliability. 

Let us know what we can do for you.

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Zo veel meer dan een webinar. Een voorbeeld van de interactieve talkshows die we voor opdrachtgevers produceren in @StudioWesthaven. #webcast

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